Jorge Dutor et Guillem Mont de Palol

We are Jorge Dutor and Guillem Mont de Palol, performance artists, dancers and players. We work on the borders of different disciplines such as dance, architecture, theater or opera and their fields of influence in the political and social spheres. We have a very strong commitment to a place that for others is just a space to pass through: being on the edge and not in the center of things is an ideological position. Our scenic practices cross languages and develop something energetic and empathetic. We use humor, absurdity, repetition and music to bring the living arts to all audiences with the intention that they leave the audience by doing the “conga” dance and later repeat what they have seen in their houses. We have been in this together since 2009, collaborating with theaters, art centers and festivals in Europe and Latin America.

(Madrid, 1979) 

I grew up to the rhythm of the ephemeral architectures of the Spain of the nineties: the EXPO in Seville, the Olympics in Barcelona … I studied scenography at RESAD (Real Escuela de Arte Dramático), from where I got the keys, while combining my studies with jobs as a DJ or the art direction of EGO Cibeles fashion week. Since then, I have worked as a set designer, lighting and costume designer in film, theater and television. In 2009 I wanted to take a sabbatical year, but I met Guillem Mont de Palol and stopped being behind the camera and started to create and interpret our own scenic pieces with him. Since then, under the name Mont de Dutor, Guillem and I have premiered a dozen works in theaters, art centers and festivals in Europe and Latin America. My investigations bypass the M-50road  of the disciplines. I propose possibilities that are not questioned from the centers but from the peripheries. And my great interest is the communication between the viewer and what is on stage, understanding the scene as a channel. I enjoy if I light a fuse. Guided by intuition and by the need to dialogue with other artists, I participate in collective creative processes such as Juan Rodrigáñez’s films Human Rights and The Money Complex. Der geldkomplex, which was presented at the Berlinale in 2015 and we are now preparing the script for Los Erizos. Right now immersed with Guillem in the exciting universe of the Autoctonus Movement.

(Girona, 1978)

I am a choreographer, performer, dancer, analog and eternal student of body-mind based practices; after inmersing my path into Kundalini yoga now into I put myself into Thai massage. I started training in traverse flute at the Conservatory, then I graduated in Musical Teaching at the Autonoma University of Barcelona where I started my dancing adiction at the Contemporary Dance UAB group.  In 2002 I went to the SNDO – School for New Dance Development- in Amsterdam to continue growing and finding my own language as a choreographer. And not only did I discover it, but I also met Jorge Dutor and with him came the need to create. Until then he had collaborated with choreographers from the conceptual scene such as Mette Ingvartsen or Xavier Le Roy, among others. Jorge and I began to create our common pieces in 2009: Growing as a person for me has always been closely tied to growing as an artist and all our production as a couple, since And why John Cage? (2011) until the last Out of the Closet (2020) talks about us, the game of fiction, humor, the absurd and metadiscourse.  Currently, I collaborate with other creators such as Sonia Gómez or the Portuguese choreographer Miguel Pereira and I combine artistic processes with my pedagogical work.

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